I love commissions! Please get in touch if you would like something just for your space. It goes something like this: we chat about size, colours, likes, dislikes, and budget. Then I send you some digital options to look at which we tweak until you're super happy. Then I paint! 2-4 weeks later you have your very own original that's perfect for your space.


Danger Hydrangea

Always so exciting to see a commission in the space it was created for. Thanks to Greenhouse Interiors for introducing Darren James Interiors in Brisbane to my work.

Feels like Summer 800 px wide.jpg

Feels Like Summer

‘Feels Like Summer’ this commission found its home on the sunny Gold Coast in a contemporary waterfront apartment decked out with concrete floors and blonde wood interior. The owners wanted a painting with colour and texture to bring the outdoors in. Framed in Tassie Oak this beauty is 1560 x 1100mm.


Nothing Forever

On this canvas I combined my client’s favorite flower - peonies - and my favourite - terrazzo! The name of the painting was inspired by Mary Oliver’s beautiful poem ‘Peonies’.
It’s so fun to work on a concept that’s personal and has special meaning for my customers.

Apricot Chi 800px.jpg

Apricot Chi

Apricot Chi was a commission for a customer in Hong Kong - she was really interesting because I had to make it conform with Feng Shui principles (I had to change some pointy bits) and her other stipulation was that her husband wanted orange in it. I love apricot as a colour so added that in as a background along with little orange bursts in my terrazzo bits (current obsession) and other areas. I also researched apricots and it turns out that the monks in China used apricot kernels as part of their medicines and would get the villagers to pay them in apricots for helping them when they were sick. Then they’d plant the seeds around the monasteries to get more apricot medicine. There’s apricot groves around lots of monasteries in China because of this. Anyhow - I thought it was a pretty cool story!!


Blue Day

Painted as a pair, Blue Day and White Day have linking elements in bursts of colour aerosol and paint highlights yet retain their own individual identities. It was important that the images be different but could work together. Blue Day features dark and graphic foliage with areas of negative space and is the more masculine image. 


White Day

Soft white petals overlap and overwhelm the entire image creating a carpet of botanical goodness. I just wanted to jump backwards into this painting! Lots of deep breaths before spray paint was added but couldn't be happier.


Home Town

This commish was created for a gorgeous store in Robinvale, my parents home town. My client loved 'Grey Times Gone' and wanted a piece along those lines. We played with a variety of colours until we settled on the fuschia and pinks you see here. The flat colours work so well over the petals floating in the darkness. When I picked it up at the framers I was thrilled with the final piece.


Lily Lover

This client wanted Blue Day but it was sold - so they asked for a similar version in a landscape format. This painting is huge! More greens, less pink and some aqua had me happy as Larry. Before being shipped off to Sydney it was framed in a Black Oak box frame - gorgeous.


Danger Hydrangea

An interior design company in QLD wanted a hydrangea - a big one. This guys 150 x 150cm and was so exciting to paint. The customer wanted highlights of burgundy to tie into their space, and the final piece was framed in an Oak box frame.